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Towards no-nonsense Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems have a bad reputation. They are often seen as a necessary evil. Let’s be frank: some systems are extremely bureaucratic, unpractical and far from reality.

An ISO-based QMS organization

Our Quality Management Systems are organized as suggested by the ISO pyramid: transparent, easy to understand and recognizable. Users, auditors and inspectors will easily see the logical setup of the structure and find their way through the system.

Regulatory compliance

One of the prerogatives of Quality Management Systems is that they help the users to respect the applicable standards and comply with regulations. Therefore, FormaliS defines with you the applicable legal framework and sees that regulations are complied with.

Be creative

Nowhere in regulations is defined how an SOP should look like. Therefore, we use the most practical and user-friendly manner. You may be amazed of some creative Standard Operating Procedures!

A process-oriented system

FormaliS has developed QMSs for several types of companies. But in all cases we ask our clients: ”what are the critical steps in your process”. In order to identify those, we draft the processes in flowcharts; nothing fancy, just straight-forward simple step-wise processes.

A down-to-earth system …

Often SOPs describe how people would like to operate; not how they really do things. In other cases, operational- or quality managers have drafted procedures that depict how they think activities are conducted but the users tell us different things.

Keep the “nice-to-have” stuff out

What makes a procedure “heavy, bureaucratic stuff”? Very often, this is due to stringent lay-out requirements that do not add any value to the real-life use of the procedure. If the reader has to flip through 3 or more pages before he can read the essence of the procedure, it means that the structure is unnecessarily complicated.


FormaliS has helped many companies to design, develop and finalize a Quality Management System tailored to the real needs. Contact FormaliS for a first impression of your future QMS.